The trainings provided by Bright Light Consulting are different from the standard trainings which are offered via the software vendor themselves. Our trainings are designed for practical real-life situations and come with a number of our own `best-practices' and handle problems which one can encounter in their job. BLC offers training at any desired location.


We have a training program available for the following products:

  • Perforce, with this software configuration system it will be possible to manage several software projects efficiently and reliable. Topics which are discussed include: locking, version control, labeling and change notification.

  • GreenHat Tester, this graphic tool is used for testing message based systems. Think of protocols such as JMS, SOAP, MQ and RV. Also aspects such as regression tests and performance test are included in this training.

  • GreenHat Tracker, this product can be considered as the `Black-box flight recorder' which stores critical messages into a database, for analysis and/or resending them.

  • GreenHat Performance Testing, for organizations who do not want surprises in production with unexpected latencies then this product can help solve the problem. Several scenarios can be tried and reported in several different ways, to prevent bottlenecks in a later stage if this product is used during development.


If you are interested in our training, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.