Bright Light Consulting provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Based on these products, our Professional Service Group (PSG) have defined best practices and developed solutions to introduce these products rapidly and adequately on every project.


The motivation to work with our consultants and our COTS solutions is to save time on the entire implementations and maintenance process. With these products, you will save time, as the organisation does not have to develop the functionality themselves. With our PSG, you save time to incorporate the products in the project surroundings. In short, we help you, to coordinate the use of the products depending on your unique situation.


The products, which we provide, are used in the following phases of a project, namely analysis, design, development, test and management:

  • Clearify, if your organization has a program where an ongoing flow of EAI projects are to be realized, then this will require gathering knowledge, dependencies of realized and future projects and their environments. This product gives insight to all relationships, the associated documents and configurations of the different environments. It is also possible to generate project documentation, which will ease the transfer of knowledge and tasks between employees. 

  • GreenHat Tester, this product enables you to automate functional tests, varying from unit tests, system tests, integration tests and tests required after rolling out to production. 

  • GreenHat Performance Testing, with this product you can automate the non-functional tests, such as benchmark tests, load tests, duration tests and stress tests. With this added to GreenHat Tester you could prevent performance problems that are discovered in production. 

  • GreenHat Viewer, is specially designed for monitoring the low level transport layer messages. Think about the number of messages that were sent, or the number of messages that need to be processed, the network health and then all this that from 1 point of view. 

  • GreenHat Tracker, is the product to use when the messages which are exchanged within your organization need to be stored in a database. This product offers the possibility to track and trace messages that are linked to the same transaction. The data stored can be used for creating SLA reports and historical statistics. 

  • Perforce, this product is a necessity for document management when several versions of the same document needs to be stored and maintained. This product is not only useful for developers, but also for project managers, whom need to collect their project deliverables, can also simplify their configuration management tasks with this product.


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