Although incorporating information systems is common practice, this process can be approached in several different ways, depending on the requirements and demands of an organisation. We consider each organisation individually, where tailored made infrastructure and architecture is necessary. This is also dependent on the current techniques which are being used and the current phase an organisation is in.

Knowledge and know how

Bright Light Consulting is aware of these needs and one of our main strategies is to constantly develop our line-specific and product-specific skills and expertise. Our knowledge and know how is mainly profitable for middle and large sized organisations which are consciously busy setting up Service Oriented Architectures and Event Driven Architectures.

Innovation and modernisation

For each sector where solutions for several commercial challenges must be achieved, we provide new insights and consider solutions that in practice are feasible and maintainable. Within our organisation we have several consultants who have experience in one or more sectors which are listed on the left-hand side of this page.


Our experience and proven technical skills allows us to be constantlyinnovating and always evaluating techniques as to determine which moments these will be applicable within the organisation. As a result, we are always motivated to get the best results for your organization.