Software testing

Testing software components is an important, but under-appreciated task. The number of hours spent during the test phase is a considerable amount more than the time spent on the development phase. During this process many tasks could be automated, and as a result tests can be carried out more frequently, simpler to execute, more rapidly and more accurately.


Testing a component is performed during the development phase based on its functional and non-functional properties.

Functional and regression tests

For functional tests, GreenHat Tester can provide not only standardisation, but also efficiency:

  • Transferable, a test which is set up by one developer can be carried out without introduction by other developers.
  • Time saving, once created, the test can be repeated several times, without additional manual operations.
  • Precise, each time an error is discovered during testing, a specific test case can be extended to automatically check for specific results when re-testing.

Performance tests

For business critical environments GreenHat Performance Testing can provide the solution. With this product it will be possible at an early stage to test the behaviour and the boundaries, so that capacity planning is possible:

  • Benchmarking, response times and latency of operations of a component can be measured and graphically reflected and compared.
  • Behaviour, the memory usage and the processing of a component in an environment which can be simulated, eliminates unexpected results.
  • Scalabilty, to compare test results when 1, 2 or more components are used, gives insight in the capacity and load balancing of a component.


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